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Rewards Plan

Okay so, ive been with koodo over 6 years now and i've only had 2 phones. However my brother managed to break several phones and have to pay off the tab for the phone. So here's my idea, Once your contract is up, and your tab is paid for.. the ammount you were spending on your tab every month, should go back into your koodo account, to put towards a new smartphone. This would make people who actually take care of their phones, a whole lot happier for taking such good care of it. Hope my idea gets used!

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Actually it already does that. Once you hit 0 Tab, it automatically goes into positive Tab to use as extra credit later on.
As of now positive tab is set at 10% , I believe it should be 15% same as the regular contract tab options. as a matter of fact , make it the same as all the tab options, regular, medium , large . That way a customer can save up for a higher end phone by paying a little extra per month. The point is to make it more rewarding and easier to stay with Koodoo.
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This idea already exists. Am I missing something? What was implemented?