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Rewards for customers with full tabs.

  • 2 March 2013
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While Koodo is bringing in some higher quality phones, not all phones of choice are offered. Personally, I'm looking forward to a Nexus 4 because I don't want to spend too much on a decent phone. Sure, I'd love a Galaxy S3, but I don't want to blow $500 on it. For customers that get their own unlocked phones like a Nexus, or use their phone loyally on the Koodo network long enough to fill their tab, it would be awesome if we could see some rewards from it like trade in your $150 full tab for a $100.gift VISA that we could use towards other great gadgets we'd love to get, like a Nexus 10 tablet. We'd still get rewarded for our loyalty to Koodo, even though we choose to get phones that can't be obtained through Koodo. Maybe cycle various offers for tab points that customers could use to redeem them on. Frankly, I've loved the service and plans here, so I plan on staying on for the ride for a long time. Never going back to the gouging company I was with. But I also love a company that rewards loyalty. If gives warm fuzzies inside. Kinda love the warm fuzzies I pass on to my youth group when I talk about my Android or take photos like this one...

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3 replies

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First of all Iglooman, I love your tag : Friend with benefits ahahah... Yeah, it could be a good idea, but they want this money to be invested in their products and not on other products for other companies. They kind of introdcued your idea with the 10% back on your plan.
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You should get the Nexus 4 from the Google Play Store not from a carrier, the price from a carrier is higher than the play store price. It's st least $50 cheaper than any carrier from there.
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Retention and loyalty offers need to go away fast. It looks good at first, but then you realize "They've just now given this to me... How long have I been screwed for?" I now use a VoIP phone line at home, but when I cancelled Bell landline, they called me for 6 months making me "offers". They were good offers, but wth? I was giving them money, they gave me nothing and hiked their prices twice a year. Now I was gone and was not paying them any more money and they wanted to bend over? Defies logic, like an old girlfriend harrassing you after you dump her. I asked the Bell rep "Why are you giving me all this now that I left?" His response was "Because we want you back!". My reply? "Trying to keep me in instead would have been better, and only makes me feel like I've been overcharged for too long." So yeah, I HATE retention deals and offers because ultimately, they don't serve you, they serve them. The day real deals are advertised and offered, to everyone, will be the day some of the collusion goes away. Until then, I enjoy overinflated prices as much as the next guy.