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reverse tabs brand new idea of koodo tab

Looking across companies, most hAve developed strategies to keep customers from switching to another company after the contract has expired. With that in mind, let's take a look at recent cell phone contract changes. The max allowed time has been set by law to 2 years. When koodo thought of the tab and no contract, the environment wasn't so. The above 2 reasons combined, makes koodo a rather weak company in customer attraction and retention. So? Let's revise the tabs! Something that defines koodo the most and make it a brand new idea. I was a fido customer, fido has fido dollars which from my experience was a great success. My "reverse tab" strategy will mimic this fido dollar but even further, fixes the no.1 frustration with the fido dollar - new customers doesn't get much. Reverse tabs will start at with a 2 year contract. It will pay off the phone within 1 year. The remaining balance 1 year will be counted as tabs towards the next phone!!! In addition, all rest will be the same as a regular tab, so if the customer leaves koodo early, the phone cost is prorated the same way as a regular 2 year tab. This can be koodo's next big thing especially as phones are getting increasingly expensive. Contact me for details regarding this strategy.

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