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Reverse tab!

Why not let you pay an extra 5 or 10 bucks a month on your bill and have it banked to be used towards your next phone? We all love the tab, and getting $150 off your phone is great. But what if your phone is still $250 after that? It would be nice to put the extra 5 or 10 bucks a month you might have spare towards your next phone! That way you don't have to come up with 300 or 400 extra for your next phone when that day will inevitably come! So say I have my tab paid off, I also put in $10 a month for the past 20 months, now I want to get a Galaxy 4. I use 150 form my tab, and my banked tab has 200 in it. That's $350 towards my $625 phone. Now I get my phone for $275. Or a Z10 for $200... etc etc.

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Why not put your $10 in the bank and get interest (no matter how little) on top of it? 🙂
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Not only is Sophia's idea the right way to go about this, but there's another plus: once you have saved up the cash, you can actually buy whatever you want, not just a phone! Koodo won't become your savings account manager, I'm afraid.
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Or you could just save that money/put it aside every month in the bank and use it for when you want to upgrade.. then you earn interest on it, too. EDIT: Ohh people beat me to it 😞
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I'm quite confused. Can't you just save up your money and then use it, rather giving it to Koodo then taking it away? Koodo isn't a bank...