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Received hardware credit but tab credits disappeared

  • 29 November 2018
  • 2 replies

I had $150 credit (6 months x $25) on a medium tab if I upgraded my phone,
I scheduled a call back and spoke to an agent and then was on hold for one hour waiting for loyalty.
Loyalty gave me $125 hardware credit but now the tab credit does not show on my order.
Should I schedule another call?

2 replies

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I would recheck your email of credit offer and snapshots of your phone upgrade for the correct terms and conditions. From your description $150 was a "bill credit" (not hardware credit).

If you received extra offer for $125. What did it say in the email?. If it was a hardware upgrade then it was already applied to the upfront price of the phone. What phone did you order? and at what price? it might be included in the final price already.
Thank you,
I did it all again.
Scheduled a call-back for last night.
Discussed the issue with agent.
Waited on hold for Loyalty.
Discussed the issue with loyalty agent.
They agreed to reinstate $150 bill credits.
I bought phone online last night.
Loyalty called this morning to confirm that they put 6 X $25 monthly bill credits on my account.
All this effort for Iphone X $910-$125-$150=$635. Best that I could do.