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Question about 2-year Tab clear

For the 2-year Tab commitment, will old accounts (ie. before this was implemented) also get the Tab balance cleared in 2 years? If not, what about a phone upgrade but keeping the same plan?

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Old tabs are Not eligible for the 24 month tab clear. Once you upgrade your phone you'll be eligible for the tab clear (the 24 months will start from the date you upgrade) as well as the 15% tab payoff from Koodo instead of the 10% your old tab has. You Don Not need to change plans to upgrade if you go with a small tab, you don't need to change your plan if $30 or above before taxes or overages for the medium plan but of your present plan isn't $30 or more you'll need to get a plan that is to be eligible for tab medium, for tab large you Do need to switch to a tab large plan to be eligible.
Wonderful. That answered my question. Thanks!