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Puchase of a new phone on a tab.

Hello,I have an iPhone 5S and I am very preoccupied by its really short battery life. I'm about to head on over to Koodo to buy an iPhone 6 Plus but my account is not in my name,do I need approval of the person to run a tab?

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More than that, you need the account holder to do this.
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Yes. You need to be added as an authorized user or the Account owner needs to be there. Also note that if you have the iphone 5s on tab right now you have pay out that tab (it will show on your next bill) and then you can get the iphone 6 plus on a fresh tab. Advice: Get the phone on the Tab M. It's a great deal and ends up being cheaper than Apple even after paying Koodo to unlock it
Thank you for answering my question in a timely manner.