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positive tab (credit) tab balance it breaks self serve in the following of ways.

  • 16 July 2020
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If you have an old positive tab (credit) tab balance it breaks self serve in the following of ways.

These are accounts from when tabs did not stop at $0, before BYOD. 

They have positive credits in the system.

  • Under tab balance, your positive balance is shown as negative and you can "pay" it off presumably doubling the credit.  You can still see it is positive by looking at tab history.
  • You cannot select any BYOD plans since you have a non zero tab
  • Self serve attempts to force you to upgrade your phone and select a tab plan every time you log in.

Credit displayed as balance




Tab history


8 replies

It also appears you can not use the tab credit towards a phone purchase. 


I called and put a ticket in, but not sure the gentlemen understood me.

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Strange it forces you on a tab plan, though they're identical to byob anyways, minus the tab. This is strange as I thought a couple years back it got put in as a 150 dollar credit. At any rate, I hope that it works out for you. If you don't end up getting it fixed you can message here again and we can flag a Rep to assist.

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This must be glitch. Your screenshot said that date is 2014...? Did you just check your Tab balance and showing you this date?

Hello Sean. Please contact us at your earliest convenience using https://m.me/Koodo . We’ll have a look together on the account and provide with the best info and solutions. Val

2014 was the last time credit was added, when I found out about BYOD and changed the account to no tab.  I have never purchased a phone with Koodo.

I tried the message link but after 5 hours it has still not responded, I will update if it is fixed or changed.

Florina from support appears to have resolved the issue. 

She “waived” the positive tab balances, so the tab balance is zero $0 and the problems appear to be fixed. The interfaces appear to be working correctly now that the tab balance is zero.

She says the credit is still in system to be applied on non-retail purchases of phones (tab purchases of phones).

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@seangoggin What actually happened is we  ran an overnight script. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!! When we did look into there were a few hundred customers’ account that had this “glitch”. Team released a patch that fixed the issue and indeed your positive tab was converted into an offer of the same value. 

Thank you

I can see the increase Tab Bonus which includes the amount.  

Tab Bonus appears to be the normal discount on the phone (bulk purchase discount?) and any positive tab bonus. 

So if you shop phones without logging in a Nexus 3a has a 76 dollar Tab Bonus and an iPhone 6 SE has about a $100 Tab Bonus.  If your prior positive tab rounded up to $100.  You will see a $176 Tab Bonus for the Nexus and a $200 Tab Bonus on the iPhone when you log in.   

Tab bonuses only apply to Tab plans phone purchases so not a retail purchase.  Also, tabs are per line so, with multiple lines, the tab amount varies per line if you have multiple numbers on the same account (as I do).

One bug remains, but there is a workaround.  If you shop plans, you will not see BYOD plans, but you can also change rate plans from self-serve under view rate plan and all the eligible plans are listed there.