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Positive tab balance - switching to new plans

I have a $95 positive tab from the old tab system. Can I switch to the new tab system and apply a $95 credit to my billings without upgrading phones?
Alternatively, can I switch to the new plans now and retain my tab balance for later use on a new phone?

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No the positive tab balance Is only for phones and has no cash value or use towards a bill. Yes you can get a new plan now, acknowledge you will no longer accru a positive tab balance and keep what you currently have towards a new phone later.
Thanks, I was wondering what happened to my tab balance as well. So, keep existing plan with tab balance increasing, or, change plan and no more accumulation, but able to use my current tab balance in future for a new phone...hmm. I have a Galaxy Ace and have rooted it. Lots of space now. A little slow sometimes, but it is just personal use and entertainment like Facebook. Sounds like it would be in my best interest to stay with the current plan, keep collecting a tab balance, and use it for a  new phone when I need to.
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Up to +150 yes if you're OK with waiting.