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Very unhappy customer !!! Have been with Koodo for year's... I had cancelled my son's phone as it had gotten broken... Went today to look at phones to get him one... Only to find out that they have changed how tab work's... You now pay extra for the tab... This I do not like ... I wish that the person I talked to about cancelling his phone had told this as I would of gotten him a phone then... Totally not happy with Koodo ....

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Hey Laura,

If you would pick a recent plan, it would come to the same amount. What happens is that Koodo reduced their plans by 10% and then instead of doing a "Koodo Contribution" (That you were paying for either way), they make it visible to you and show you what your actually paying for your phone. You never actually got a free phone.

On a side note, even if you would of not cancelled his account, you would still need to get it setup with this new tab system.
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And as foot note to Mathieu's side note: it was the CRTC that ENACTED A LAW that forced Koodo and all the other Carriers, to change their Tabs/Equivalents. Not the Carriers choice, by any means. Buts its the Carriers that are getting the heat for CRTC decision.
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That said though prices did come down initially when the new tab came into effect and it made sense but that was for a couple weeks and then plan prices crept back up and now the customer is paying their own tab plus nearly the same amount for plans so let that say what it will and not put blame on the CRTC but it did allow the carriers to ish talk that the customers into thinking what Mathieu said. Plans should be about $10 cheaper at least for that theory to actually make sense
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People with 3year contracts complained to CRTC, who outlawed 3year contracts. So maybe now, we pay 3year rates for 2year tabs. Also tower infrastructure is up, everywhere. Cities, rual and cottage counrty. Data prices? Going up after July. July is when CRTC hears BCE appeal. Oops, there's that accromin again. Bell pumped 1billion+ into fiber optic infrastructure. Before Bell can even complete its projects, CRTC told Bell that they gotta start selling it wholesale, to wannabees. CRTC ruled $25.00 cable TV by December 2016, oops another price increase, to data. Gotta make the loss up somewhere. You know that TELUS came into existence, because Bell was a monopoly, out west and ordered to break itself up. Oops prices went up. Enbidge had to sell gas wholesale, prices went up. Common theme, CRTC or any other government agency touches something, prices go up.