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phone upgrade vs tabs

Remove the charges to pay off tabs if I want to upgrade to a newer phone but still retain same or better services. Every body wants the newest phones and capabilities but are stuck paying off tabs fees on old phones or waiting a long time to until contract is up.   

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Well that's how it works. You got a loan on a device and it needs to be paid off to get another one.
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Hi Michael, Even when you pay off the old tab you do have the option of putting it on your next bill as opposed to paying it all at once when getting a new phone. Also if you have any family or friends looking to switch to Koodo you can refer them. That allows you to receive 25 tab credits as well as the person you referred to Koodo. With the new tab system they are guaranteed to be paid off in 24 months or less, which is great compared to the old system where it would take years longer to get it paid off. You have options available, just have to choose which works best for you 🙂