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Phone Upgrade credit only $70 instead of $150?

  • 28 August 2019
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Hey folks,

I've searched around but can't seem to find an answer to this. I was thinking of upgrading my phone. I'm currently on very old phone under Koodo Small Tab from 6 years ago with a $30 plan (yes, I know. ;)). In any case, when I go to upgrade my phone it offers me $150 to upgrade to any phone on any tab EXCEPT a small tab. When I click small tab, it only offers me $70? Does the $150 top up from the old programs not apply to the small tab? My spouse has the same phone and got it a year later than me and their Small tab shows the $150 to upgrade. Does anyone have any thoughts why this might be? A glitch? Ineligibility? Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

4 replies

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"$150 to upgrade to any phone on any tab EXCEPT a small tab."
If your offer is saying this, then you have to use Tab M and up to receive $150. And that means you have to change your plan to one of Tab M plan.

"... their Small tab shows the $150 to upgrade."
What does their offer says for the condition to receive $150? Selected phones or any phones...?
Do you have a screenshot (without personal info)?
Sorry, I should have clarified. The offer itself doesn't say it's exempting me from the Small Tab $150 discount. This is just what I found out it does when I clicked the Small Tab and it switches to $70 even though I'm upgrading online rather than in-store.. I've attached the screenshots to show my introductory message and the difference between my Medium and Small tab discounts. I've also attached my spouse's small tab discount actually showing the full $150. Wonder if anyone knows why?

Then my spouses Small Tab:

I have the exact same question as JaymzHet247 (above)
Can someone please clarify?
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Each subscriber has its own set of deals.