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Phone protection plan


I have ordered my phone online on May5 and i got my sim ported and activated around may 13, 2021online.


I live in a covid hotspot area. So, is it possible to buy protection plan oonline.


Please help me in adding protection plan. 

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You should be able to add it in self-serve, no? Personally I'd pocket the money and not get it. A good case and a screen protector will protect your phone from a but the most severe drops and these days you still spend quite a bit out of pocket on deductibles for repairs. Unless it's a high end phone with known very high repair costs, I wouldn't bother.

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You didn’t add it when you ordered?

I believe why you need to go to a store to add a plan is they need to check the condition of your phone before you added it. 

And what phone did you buy? If it’s not high end phone, I wouldn’t buy a protection plan anyway.

Add:  yes, as Goran say. Pay into the fee and still deal with deductible isn’t worth...

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@NikhilNikhil Mayumi is correct. To add warranty after the purchase the phone has to have a quick inspection. There is a TELUS store nearby you and they are open so they will definitely help you out.