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paying off tab balance?

  • 17 November 2019
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Got my phone in June. Had issues with it, had protection plan, paid 140$ for a new one after paying 35$ to get back from Samsung because it was water damaged. Asurion sent me a new one, and within 2 weeks or shut off completely and wouldn't do anything. They sent me another for free. On my third phone and broke it (from my own doing) but I don't want to use the protection plan again because I HATE the phone and at this point I would be paying almost $350 in new phones plus my over 300$ tab balance total. 


When I broke my last one I didn't have protection plan and we just paid off the tab and got this one. But I was told that you couldn't pay off the tab anymore by a local walmart phone booth. Is this true? Would I actually need to wait until June 2021 for a new one? And need to buy used in the meantime (I see so many people.getting ripped off I HATE buying.used, plus alot of the ones posted around me it's going to cost the same to pay off tab and get a new one). 

1 reply

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@Ad345 You should be able to pay off your tab no problem. And if you are considering to buy a certified pre-owned device do it on our site! You get full warranty, plus the activation fee is waived if you buy online.  Save you another $35. :-)