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Payed my phone off but still getting tab charge

  • 21 March 2021
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Last bill was my last payment towards my phone. Now, the balance is zero on my phone but I'm still getting charged $40 for the tab charge on my monthly bill which I do not understand because my phone is already paid off. I have tried to contact customer support but of course I am only getting to the digital assistant. I can't reach a human being which makes it so much more difficult. At this point I am considering switching providers because this issue should not even be happening and if it is, I should be able to solve it online or get my answers online, but instead if I request to talk to a person I would have to pay extra money for them to help me with something that shouldn't even be happening.

2 replies

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Are you sure 24 months passed from the month you purchased your phone?

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It sounds like as this would be your last tab payment. 


What does it say on the tab screen? When is the last tab payment date? 


Download your detailed pdf ebill and what is the date of the tab charge?