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I am wondering if there is anyway to pay small contributions to pay off tab faster, instead of paying the full remainder?

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Nope. Not through Koodo. May I recommend a piggy bank
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You can pay off the entire amoount any time you come into money. It has to be the full amount not partial payment. In nay case it doesn't make sennse to rush, Koodo has essentially given you an interest free loan, take advantage of that and put your money somewhere else is what I would suggest.
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Not too sure why people are eager to pay off their tab when they are planning to stay with Koodo. Just let Koodo pay off your tab for you as every month 10% of your plan is taken off of your tab. There's no rush unless you want to change carriers or get a new device, which would mean you would have to pay your outstanding tab first. You can always refer your friends to Koodo and receive a $25 tab credit once they activate. www.koodoreferral.com