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Pay off tab balace or contract balance

When customer want to move to Koodo from other provider, it will be more better if Koodo can help them to pay off their tab balance or cancellation penalty. Maybe Koodo can set the maximum amount for pay and customer can pay difference balance when they sign up with Koodo. Let's say if Koodo can pay up to $100 and customer have to pay $150 to cancel their contract, customer pay only $50 if they sign up for a tab with Koodo. Then it will be more easier to move to Koodo from different company. 

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I think you're saying, you'd like Koodo to help customers pay the other carriers early teminaton fees and then give them a tab at Koodo?
Yes that's right. I don't expect Koodo pays full amount cause sometimes penalty can be very expensive but maybe Koodo can set the maximum amount that Koodo can pay for customer. For policy, Koodo can say if customer close their account in few months, customer must pay for the price of the phone(negative tab balance) + amount that Koodo paid for them to cancel the contract cause maybe some people they get help from Koodo to cancel the contract and leave right away.