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I've been with Koodo since it began. Although I've looked into other providers offering better data plans, I have continued to stay because of the customer service with Koodo. My hope that is in the near future there will be rewards for longstanding customers. Every phone company offers updates for phones after a few years. They all just call it something different. What makes them stand apart is customer service.
I have been with Koodo for ever and was not impressed when I decided to upgrade my phone and found out that the $100.00.gift card offer was for new customers. It just made me feel like I should cancel my phone and then open a new account so I could get the perk. It would be really nice if the.gift card offer applied to all who were buying a new phone or some kind of special offer to those who have been with Koodo for over 3 years a special deal if they are interested in getting a new phone.
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I have been with Koodo for ever and was not impressed when I decided to upgrade my phone and foun...I somewhat agree. I would like to see maybe not the exact same offer, but at least some type of incentive to upgrade. However, I will say this: when a customer comes into our Mobile Shops who is with Koodo and wants to upgrade we always call channel support and see what they can do about the current Tab balance, depending on how close it is to 0. If the customer has good payment history and all that jazz, then they'll usually take a certain % off the Tab repayment and then the customer will be more inclined to stay, which is nice of Koodo. I don't see that kind of retention with other companies, especially Rogers or Bell. Telus isn't bad either, but Koodo's is probably the best I've dealt with so far.
I have no idea
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under consideration but will never happen
T-Mobile in USA gives Loyalty program...Been there since 2009. It is for things like these that I miss USA cell phone companies
i cancelled my phone plans after 6 years with koodo today. switching to rogers (who iv been with 30 years) who offer me a better phone for free and great phone plan on NO CONTRACT. all i wanted was a replacement of my current low end samsung phone... which only lasted a year... what a joke. reward your loyal customers! your competitors are doing it!
this post is already 3 years older , but i still didnt see any loyalty program from koodo , even am surprised to see that there is no encouragement from koodo for its community mobile masters or members with high stock of trustable points
Its quite  disappointing . 
I need to talk to agent regarding plan was offered If I add new line.
Any agent available?
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Any agent available?
@Mandy123 : The thread was 3 years old. Many things changed. I don't think there is any promotion plan for adding a new line as of now.

This is a public forum, they can answer some general issue. If you want to ask for any specific personal deal, you have to contact Koodo yourself (call/message to facebook/twitter, or visit a Koodo kiosk)..