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note 2 price drop down

I bought the note 2 last few day. 350$. now the price only 300$ . I called customer service. to credit back to my acc 50$ so I don't have to return the phone. they said that can't do that. don't know why?. I have no choice have to return the phone take the new one. they waiste time. not like best buy futureshop when the price drop down just give them the receipt they refund the $ for u

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You have to return whatever item you bought from best buy futureshop too. You can't do it by calling them. Koodo will ask you the same, you won't have to "return" the phone but you do have to show them your receipt. Was it a koodo store you bought it at?
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Just go back to the place you bought it from and tell them you want the difference back. You don't even need to refund the old phone or anything.