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New Phone Upgrade SMS Offer

  • 21 September 2020
  • 10 replies


I got an sms that I can get any new phone on the tab and will get a discount of $10 per month for 12 months and the discount will appear during the checkout process.

I tried to do it online (The message says that I can upgrade online - link provided) but, the discount never appeared! I tried different phones with different plans and never worked. I reached the final step when requesting to send the message to my phone to confirm my identity and complete my order no discount yet!

Any ideas? Should I continue and the discount would be applied at the very end?

Please advise. 

10 replies

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@Bilal-9 The offer is on selected plans. What plan were trying to use it for? 

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What did the sms say?

Did you login to your self serve when upgrading?

@Bernard Koodo The messages that it is valid even with the incredible limited-time offers like 9GB for $50. This is the plan I am trying to use and I am currently on $50 plan as well.

@Dennis Yes I logged in when upgrading and the message says exactly as I wrote above.

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@Bilal-9 Let us take a look and get back to you. I noticed another customer having a similar challenge. But the rest are having no problems. So, we’ll find out! As soon as we have something we will let you know!

@Bernard Koodo Appreciated, thanks.

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@Bilal-9 Ok. It appears you have more than one line with us. The offer was made on the line ending with 55. Is that what you tried to redeem it on? 

@Bernard Koodo Yes sir, it is the one ending with 55 even though, I’ve tried them both.

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@Bilal-9 Ok, so the offer is actually assigned to the other line. We had no problem processing it on our end. So, if you could clear your cache, history  and log in again to re-try that would be great. If that still doesn’t work pls set up a callback, reference this post and one of our reps can help push the order through.  

@Bernard Koodo It finally worked. I just checked if I can do it and the message of (-$10) was clearly shown and even the offer of $120 per year was clearly shown when selecting any phone.

Thanks a lot, very much appreciated.