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New phone + tab

I have $150 tab credit. I would like to get a new phone. Can I pay for the phone with tab credit + cash or do I have to take out a new tab to use my credit? I am confused, the website shows me what my monthly tab would be, but doesn't mention if it can be paid for in full.

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place the new device onto the tab and this will apply the $150 toward the cost of the phone. If the new phone is more than 150 you can simply pay off the balance by requesting to have to tab applied to your next bill!
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You would technically be getting a tab, but you can tell them you just want to put 150$ towards the tab (the value of your tab credit) and then  you will be able to pay the remainder in cash.
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You can use your positive tab towards your new phone.

Say if you want to buy a $450 phone
$450 - $150(your tab credit) =$300 remain for your new phone
You can put $300 on the tab = $0 upfront and pay $12.5/mo for next 24 mo.
Or you can pay $300 outright and you don't need to worry about tab charge.

You can keep your current plan if you want.
Or you can switch to one of new plans. Either way you can't accumulate positive tab any more.
Can you keep your 10% discount on the old tab/plan? That would only seem fair since you were paying in towards the $150 tab in good faith that it would be usable.
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You can keep your 10% discount if you buy your phone outright. http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/the-tab-what-it-is-and-how-it-works/Can-I-keep-my-10per-discount-if-I-buy-a-new-phone-outright-from-Koodo
Yes. But what about using your 150 tab credit and paying the difference outright? Can you keep the 10% discount then?
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As far as I know you can still keep your 10% discount in that case too. 
Because you earned positive tab (being with Koodo for so long), and you pay the difference outright. Which means you are not entering to a new tab system.