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New phone, same plan?

I'm considering upgrading to a new phone with koodo. I really like the plan I have now that is $30 a month. However I was noticing that with certain phones on the large tab (the iphone for example) you are limited to sign up with only plans that are more than greater than $70 a month. If I signed up for a new phone and paid some upfront so it is on the small or medium tab would I be able to keep my current plan?

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Since your plan is currently 30$ you can take tab small or medium and keep your plan.just be aware of your take tab medium you'll also have an additional 5$ tab charge each month until the by an is paid or 24 months. Whichever comes first. Tab Large should be avoided as it doesn't offer any actual value.
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Yes, you can pay more upfront and keep your plan on a tab M or S. Tab L is not very good and I recommend you keep the plan you have right now 🙂
Thank you so much everyone!