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I have been a koodo customer for so long and i keep telling others what a great company you all are. But when i learnt that the new plan (new deals) in august were not available for those who have a tab, i was very disappointed. i referred a friend and she got the new deal but here i am stuck with my old one. just wanted to say if you have deals, it should be available to all. Thanks

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Hello Ainy.

The day you joined in, you may have got a promotion for new customer only. So that would make it fair for everyone! 

I understand you might be frustrated, but the deal was available for you, you just needed to pay your tab in order to switch to the new one!
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What plan do you have?  What is your average usage of minutes and data?
You can get one of those promo plan. All you have to do is pay off your tab.

Check the data overage rate for those new plans. I'm sure you have better rate than that.
So, I guess It's depends on your usage and it might worth change your plan.

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All plans, promo or not, are available to existing customer as well Ainy. One of the reasons why people like us. 🙂