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My Tab is negative but I wish to purchase a new phone

Hi - I recently lost my phone and would like to purchase an iPhone but my tab is very much in the negative. What are my options in buying a new iPhone thru Koodo? Thanks!

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Ouch Sarah, that stinks You have a few options Don't touch your tab and just buy an iPhone outright Pay of your tab and use a tab to buy a new iPhone Either way you'll need a new Sim card. If you get your new phone from Koodo, it'll come with a a new one.
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To add to Chad's post....koodo recently expanded tab to make it bigger than the original $150 was. Now you can get tab up to $500. Your best bet is to take what they call a medium tab, which gives you $300 tab and let's you keep your current plan as long as it is at least $30 a month. http://koodomobile.com/en/bc/tab.shtml