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Making payments to tab during the month

Can i make payments to my tab during the month? Like if i had a 300$ tab could i go to a koodo kiosk and guve them 20$ to help pay my tab off

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Nope. You would need to put the money in the bank, under the mattress, in a piggy bank and only when you can pay off the full amount of the remaining tab, you can do it in one shot. Besides, why would want to pay it off early. If your phone will zero'd in 2 years since your tab is not decreasing at a fast enough rate, then any early payments is just free money you are giving to Koodo anyways. Ex. you are on the $29 plan with a Tab M. Every month $5 + 435 go toward the tab to reduce it. After 24 months the Tab is $75.60 and Koodo will now Drop it to zero since it's been 2 years. If you would have made a sporatic $20 payment one time, then after 24 months your tab will be $55.60 and Koodo will now Drop it to zero since it's been 2 years. So you in effect just gave Koodo $20 for free. And if you do want to end your tab early, why give the money to Koodo when Koodo is basically giving you an interest free loan. You would be better off to invest the money and then pay it to Koodo when you are ready to end your tab contract with your investment interest
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Hi Madie, Unfortunately Koodo doesn't allow you to make extra payments like that towards your tab. If you wanted to pay more towards it, you can always go up in price plan or you can pay the tab balance off entirely. Or if you have any family or friends looking to switch to Koodo you can always refer them and get 25 tab credits (the person you refer receives this as well). So you have options, it's just up to you which works best for you 🙂 hope that helps answer your question
There's no point in making extra contributions to your Tab. Koodo Tab is not an interest-free loan, it's a NEGATIVE interest loan. In most cases, you pay less money by buying your phone with Tab and not paying off the Tab until it's zero two years later.