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I was just in Best Buy tonight looking for a phone for my daughter and got a good price but when I went next door to Future Shop they matched and gave me a better deal  You should have "price matching" on your monthly service plans. I would have preferred getting a plan with Koodo but I ended up with a competitor.

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It's okay to reward the carrier that offered the best deal with your hard earned money, Patrick. In fact, I've always been against all sorts of price matching because it allows merchants to be lazy: they can sell at a higher price to those who don't shop around and only have to please those who do. I say, reward the best deal with your business! Koodo have good deals sometimes, but like any business, sometimes they can be caught off guard 😉
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They gave you a deal on the phone price upfront, not the plan. The plans are fixed and can't be changed. Was it some sort of trade in deal? Maybe in store credit towards the purchase of the phone?