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Long Term Customer Loyalty

I've been a customer of koodo for over 3 years and have found that there aren't many bonuses for being so loyal to the company. Yes there is the referral bonus for helping someone sign up, but that isn't much in the long run. My idea is that for every year that you are a customer of koodo that you can be eligible for a percentage off of a new phone upgrade. I know that I for one often update my phone every year and find that it can be a strain of the pocket book. So to have a percentage taken off of an upgrade could be very beneficial. You could even have it as 10% off for every year that you are with koodo for up to 50%. I think this idea is the best because it promotes customer loyalty and good sentiment with the public. It would also draw in new customers who see it as the company going up and beyond of customer expectations. Not to mention you don't see other phone companies doing this. It would be an innovation, just like the tab was.

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