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Koodo Tab subsidy.

  • 28 June 2015
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I have a grandfathered talk and text plan with no data. It is a great plan that suits my needs better than any currently offered plan. I also have a Tab under the old tab system, under which a fraction of each of my bill payments goes towards reducing my Tab balance. I would like to upgrade my phone but keep my old plan. Under the old system, after paying off my tab I would have received $150 off the cost of a new phone by putting in on my tab and then continued to pay my regular monthly fee with no additional costs. Under the new system it looks like whatever balance I put on the tab I end up having to pay as an extra Tab Fee each month. Does Koodo no longer offer any kind of subsidy for buying the phone through them? I can’t think of any good reason to upgrade through Koodo anymore. Seems to me there's even a good reason NOT to – if I buy an unlocked phone anywhere else I can just pop in my Koodo SIM card and keep building a positive TAB balance on my old Tab and keep my old plan instead of losing my Tab and potentially my plan. Am I missing something? Did the subsidy really disappear? Thanks for any insight you might have!

4 replies

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You aren't missing anymore. The subsidy you receive now you pay back to Koodo through the Tab Charge. I don't like it whatsoever as well but this is the way Koodo wants to run things. The subsidy really did disappear. Its more like a 0% interest loan now
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Hi Nick, indeed the subsidy Koodo used to offer has changed and Koodo no longer gives away a phone. Instead they offer interest free financing of whatever phone you wish and supposedly less expensive plans. You can absolutely buy whatever phone you wish and switch Sims therefore keeping your plan and tab subsidy in place. However should you ever use that tab balance towards a new phone, you'll be unable to earn tab credits after (excluding referral credits). You can always keep your plan whatever you decide. Unless you're going to use tab plus and in that case you'd have to switch to a tab plus plan.
Thanks for the quick replies! I'm assuming this sort of thing is going on for other mobile service companies as well? Do you happen to know if there are any companies that still offer a subsidy in the same style as they used to?
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Thanks for the quick replies! I'm assuming this sort of thing is going on for other mobile servi...Fido, Virgin and any of the Big 3 (Rogers, Telus, Bell). But those all require a minimum spending amount on your plan. You won't be paying less than $30-40 on Virigin and Fido and $70 on the Big 3. The bigger subsidy you want, the more you have to spend per month.