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New koodo tabs. i am on the 'old' koodo tab, paying 10% of my bill onto my tab. But the new ones are now 15%.. Will mine stay at 10% or be switched over to 15% along with the new rules? Is there any way I could possibly ask to be transferred to the 'new tab'??

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You have to "upgrade" your phone in order to switch over to the 15%. You don't have to change your plan to upgrade though.
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There is no automatic switch The new plans are a little more expensive and koodo is trying to offset it with a deeper discount on the tab. You are probably in the best position when you upgrade and keep an old plan as you will get the 15% too.
Can i start a new tab after i have already used one in the past?
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Adam Friesen wrote:

Can i start a new tab after i have already used one in the past?

Yes you can. First look at your tab balance in self serve. If it starts with a "-" symbol you still owe on that tab, if it has a "+" you've earned extra positive tab. You do not have to pay the old tab to get a new one. So Tab S is up to $150, Tab M is up to $300, and Tab L is up to $500. Pick what tab you want to use. If your current tab balance has a "-" symbol take that away from the tab balance you plan to use. So say you want to use the $300 tab M but show a -50 tab. You have $250 free on the tab available to use. If you have a positive tab just do the reverse, so say it was +50 in the example above, you'ld have $350 to use.