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Koodo Tab a big lie ?

After 24 months, my tab is still $59 even Koodo guarantee it to be zero after 24 months!!! Any sugguestion ? I quote the following from their website. I talked to their CS but they dispute the guarantee from their own website. What does the 24 month guarantee mean? Koodo guarantees that your Tab balance will be 0 after 24 months. That means you can upgrade to a new phone and take a full Tab balance after 2 years!

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The thing with this is that it only applies to the new tab. You have to have gone on one of the new tab small medium or large plans for that guarentee to be valid.
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It's not retroactive. This policy only applies to phones purchased since July 14th. If you have a phone purchased since July 14th which you have had for 24 months then I would like to borrow your time machine.
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Ok Yes it is not retroactive but hey just pick up the phone and talk to Koodo Customer Care. Explain you want to upgrade your phone. They may write off around $50 as one time courtesy on their discretion. Now you can let others have your time machine 🙂
Thanks for all the responses and my question has been answered. Koodo should keep my tab (as old) instead of transform it to 'tab S' and state in their guarantee that it only apples for new 'tab'. As a satisfied Koodo customer, all I need is the above answer instead of the CS give me some illogical explanation and asked me to check on the fine print in the contract that I had signed 2 years ago (I don't even have it anymore). Anyway, this community has my questions answered and thanks for all again.
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B Mak wrote:

Thanks for all the responses and my question has been answered. Koodo should keep my tab (as old)...

To be honest, the do say it on their website: http://koodomobile.com/tab In the fine print it says: (3)Effective as of July 14, 2013 for new activations. See store for full details. The rep you spoke to should have known this.