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  • 26 September 2020
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Does the Koodo Tab system work like the Virgin Mobile Sweet Pay or the Tab with Freedom Mobile?

WIth Freedom Mobile. an existing customer on a Bring Your Own Phone plan can choose to do a hardware upgrade on a Tab at anytime without needing to change to a Device Plan. This is because Freedom does not make distinctions between Bring Your Own Phone and Device Plans. They are exactly the same. (This info is about a year old; so things may have changed recently)

An existing VIrgin Mobile subscriber on a Bring Your Own Phone plan cannot simply get a phone without first changing the plan to an eligible Device Plan and then proceeding with the upgrade. (I am talking about post paid BYOP plans here). After 2 years, the device is paid off and the tab payment drops off from the bill. However, Virgin likely lets the subscriber keep the Device Plan (as opposed to moving them to a BYOP plan) even if the subscriber wishes not to get another device upgrade after the 2 years.

It seems the Koodo Tab works in exactly the same way as VIrgin Sweet Pay. In other words an existing Koodo customer on a Bring Your Own Device (post-paid) plan will be asked to change the plan to an eligible Device Plan first before doing a hardware upgrade. Am I correct in my assumption?


1 reply

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You already started one thread. There is no need to start a second on the same thing. Please restrict yourself to the first one you started.