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keeping your phone plan? how to upgrade a phone

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I bought an LG G3 in 2015.  At that time they had a different tab system.. but I was paying $15 per month for a tab, and have a $33 - 300mb/300min plan.  Yep, it is not offered any more

But as a result, I am not eligible to upgrade my phone.

I cannot get a medium tab phone as I am below the $40 mark tat new medium tabs work on.  I cannot get a small tab as my plan is not supported by it.

I don't need the current $40 plan with 500/500 because I don't use that much data in a month, and I might at best use 45min of talk time.  And begrudge paying an extra $7 per month for something that I am not using, and double P!ed off as my wife got a $40 med tab plan upgrade for her iPhone SE with 1gb/500 just before Christmas so I see it as being doubly ripped off.

How are old customers supposed to upgrade phones?  or do you think we just want keep our old stuff because we don't want to pay for a newer plan?

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You should be able to use Tab small (up to $240) and pay the rest of amount upfront.
What phone are you looking at? Do you have any Tab left for your LG G3?
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Agreed with Mayumi. Were you planning on staying with LG? LG G5 for $0 on tab medium, or pay $120 up-front and go tab small. Same deal for Moto Z Play or Samsung S6 if you're open to a non-LG phone...mind you the S6 doesn't have a memory card slot.