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keep my phone and get new phone on my existing plan

  • 3 February 2021
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I have a galaxy s9 on a tab, I just chose to pay off my tab balance today so it states 0. However it doesn't show or get paid off until my next invoice , which is fine. 

I am looking to keep my s9 for my son, but not connected to any service. Then I want to get a new phone on a new tab plan for myself with my existing number and plan. 

Do I have to wait until I pay my next invoice before I can do this without adding a new line to my account?


Best answer by Sophia 3 February 2021, 01:22

You can safely upgrade your phone - the S9 is yours to keep as well :)

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8 replies

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No waiting needed. You can go ahead and get a new phone on tab right now.

When I go to shop for a phone,  it asks to either upgrade my phone or add a new line .. but if I say upgrade I'm afraid they'll expect me to send backup s9

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You can safely upgrade your phone - the S9 is yours to keep as well :)

Oh yay so I do go to the upgrade link then. 

Thank you!

So I chose a phone, but before I went to check out it says "because you added a line...."

I dont want a second line. Just a new phone on same plan and line


I guess it signed me out again so once I signed in, now the retail price is significantly higher and I need to pay now as well as the tab and the tab bonus... so confused..


Ok i got it ordered, at 0 cost today. But they are sending me a new sim and I had to click a plan... I hope it didn't add a new line??? 


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Hi there. :) It seems that the order is an upgrade, not a new activation. Perhaps the system asked to change the plan because the old one expired and was not compatible with the tab.