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Is Tab only if you buy the phone from Koodo?

 I bought a phone for my son, not through Koodo, but put him on a Koodo plan.  It's been over a year and I never thought anything of it...not all that worried, just confused.  I see my son has a $50 tab, so when I look at his bill, he's getting a bit of a discount on his bill, but he doesn't have a Tab plan...it's still sitting at $50.  Is there any way to change it so his tab can go down, or will he just have to pay the $50 eventually when he wants a different phone?

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Depending on when you signed up for his plan, that $50 tab is actually a tab he's saved up towards a phone, not something he has to pay off. If the tab number is a positive number, that means its money he can spend towards a phone. Enjoy it!
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Hi Steph!

It looks like you have a positive Tab of $50. 

If you don't see a minus sign: " -50 ", then that means you have a positive Tab of +$50 that you can use to reduce the amount of your next hardware upgrade.

Here's info on our phones and their prices: http://koo.do/1GgRxzH

Here's info on our Tab: http://koo.do/1KajRGO

Let us know if you have any more questions 🙂