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Hello Koodoland,I was just wondering something here as I was curious to know,is there a place on self-serve to see what tab we have on our account ?

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It sure is. When you log in on the far right it will say My Tab (or something similar). WHen you click that above the month by month break down it will say what tab you're on.
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Do you mean which tab size or tab amount? If you mean size then if you haven't got a device since the new tab structure came into place about 2 months ago then you are on tab small presently. You can also check your add on's and if there's no tab charge you have tab small. If there's a $5 tab fee you'd be on tab medium. If there's a $10 tab charge in your add-ons then you have a tab large. If you mean tab amount you can click on your tab in self serve and it will show the amount owing on your tab. You can also look on your bill.
As i was on the spending cap program and still no letter has been sent to me 😞 but i was told by the person that removed me from it,that i can have a tab up to $500 if i was to get a phone put on my account.I even just called in to remove myself from the sim only discount
I am wondering if i did a good thing to be taken off the sim only discount now
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If you want a new phone it's not a bad thing to remove yourself from the discount (you can't use the tab and have the discount). If you don't plan on getting a new phone you probably would have been better off keeping the discount.
Should I call back and ask back for it then ?
I just called in and the person put me back on the 10% discount each month of my bill as the phone i got is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
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You can keep the discount until you're ready to use a tab to get a new device. Taking off the discount right now just puts the 10% into your TAB account as a positive balance which you can use in the future on top of your TAB. But since you're not getting the discount now, it's almost like you're paying into the tab (since in theory you could have banked that 10%).
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The new (technically its new on the account) 10% discount may skip a billing period