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Is it possible to get a phone on a smaller tab from a larger tab? Is there an extra charge for that?

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Yeah that's definitely possible.

A Tab Small gives you $150 off, a Tab Medium gives you $300 off and a Tab Large gives you $500 off.

Example: A phone with a retail value of $300 on a Tab Medium will cost you nothing up front because all of that goes on the Tab.

So therefore, a phone with a retail value of $300 on a Tab Small will cost $150 up front.

Now just a quick tip; in my honest opinion getting a $300 phone on a Tab Small isn't really that great of a deal (unless there's a promotion) Why? Because to upgrade to a Tab Medium it's only +$5 on your monthly plan. Which gives you +$150 off the phone but you only end up paying $120 extra. ($5 Tab Charge x 24 months = $120)

If you get a phone with a higher retail value then $300 then I usually recommend getting a Tab Medium and paying the difference.

Example: A $500 phone can be $0 up front on a tab large but you pay minimum $80/month ($70+$10 Tab Charge) for the plan or you can pay minimum $40/month ($35+$5 Tab Charge) with a Tab Medium but pay $200 in store. So you pay $200 more in store but you have a maximum possible savings of $960 by the time the Tab is payed off

A bit confusing but I hope this helped!
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Hi Sara! You can pick any Tab to get a phone. However, please keep in mind that you will have to pay off any negative Tab in order to get a new phone. Click here for more info about the Tab : http://koo.do/1Klk0TY. Thank you. ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.