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Is it normal for Koodo to charge me when I pay my bill?

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I just paid off my tab for two phones on my account. Total came to $960 +/- Looked at my credit card statement today and there were two charges of $2.60 each from an echst.net, which is an online billing system. Since when did Koodo start using this? I have never had a charge like this before on pre-paid. Is this a monthly thing? Now, the reason I got two of these charges. After I paid the full $960 bill, Koodo some how charged my credit card for, get this, $.01 Yes, one penny. What kind of scam is that? Yes, I am going to be phoning Koodo tomorrow and asking for the $5.21 back. And yes, I do plan on being polite. Just wondering if this is normal. Oh, another weird thing. After these charges, I received a call from my credit card company asking if I recently used my card in Italy to buy $1500 worth of car parts. Some one got my card info, luckily my card company denied it and canceled my card.

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Hi Brian. The $0.01 charge is never actually posted to your credit card. Have the charges actually been posted to your credit card, cause they don't actually charge you, its an authorized transaction that disappears after a few days. Its basically to make sure the credit card is active. Also the charge from echst.net has nothing to do with Koodo. You even just said your own credit card was compromised and the first thing you do is blame kOodo. You should be calling your credit card company, again, and disputting thr charge that has nothing to do woth Koodo
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Well, I blame Koodo because there are two charges to Koodo, and, oddly enough, there are two charges to echst.net. All on the same day, and, no other charges on the card. 
Now, tell me what you would think?
And yes, the $.01 charge is still on my card.
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Credited today. Ahmad was right.