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Increase the Small Tab to compete with Fido & Virgin

  • 29 September 2014
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Koodo's small tab has been stuck at the $150 mark for some time now. With competition heating up, Fido has increased its small/basic tab to $250 on the same plans with that Koodo has. Heck, even Virgin upped its basic tab to $200! ref: http://www.fido.ca/web/page/portal/Fido/MonthlyPlans/Group12 (Standard Plans) https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html (Light Weight Canada-Wide Plans) http://www.virginmobile.ca/en/plans/index.html (Silver Plans) This results in a higher phone cost with Koodo than with competitors Fido and Virgin. Case in point: Koodo offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Tab Medium (add $5/month to Light Weight Plans) for $200. ref: https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/android/samsung-galaxy-s4/prodKLSSGS4BK.html That same phone can be had on Fido with their Smart Plan (again, the same $5/month more on the Standard Plans) for $99. ref: http://www.fido.ca/web/page/portal/Fido/devices?PhoneSKU=GS416WHT Fido even offers the newer version of the same phone, whereas Koodo is stuck with an old version. Motorola Moto G vs Moto G LTE, anyone? With all 3 companies, the tabs clear out after 2 years, so what's the Koodo advantage? How is Fido and Virgin able to offer phones at a lower price-point and Koodo can't, or won't? To add insult to injury, you can call Fido or Virgin and have changes made to your account over the phone or through an online rep, at no charge. Call Koodo to make changes, you get charged. Web chat? Forget about it; doesn't even exist. Based on the above, what would be the incentive for an individual to go to Koodo when Fido offers more phone for less (including FidoDollars, which, during upgrade time after 2-years, can yield an even better phone with this incentive) and have a rep look at and modify your account for free? Koodo needs to up the basic tab, and perhaps do away with the phone support charges. Before anyone offers that Koodo needs the higher price since its parent Telus bought some 700mhz spectrum and Public Mobile, I can argue that Rogers (parent to Fido) bought more of the 700mhz spectum and spent a great deal more on the NHL exclusivity contract, and they are making do. My tab cleared out this month, so now I'm debating on my next move and what to replace my lousy Ace II x with. Prove to me Koodo that you still want to earn my business. I don't really want to jump ship, but with no tab remaining, no loyality program keeping me and no incentive phone-wise to stay, I just may have to. For $5 more a month, the LTE version of the Moto G with expandable memory sure looks good. And with the $5/month increase to Fido, their ARPU will look good too. Then again, I could just as easily buy a prepaid phone and get a MUCH cheaper montly plan with Public Mobile. Koodo will then have the pleasure of shipping me out a free Public Mobile SIM from Mississauga, and enjoy the labour and shipping costs associated with it. At least that way, with the low Public Mobile pricing, I can clear out my own "virtual tab" much faster and enjoy the low unlimited calling/texting rates for months to come.

4 replies

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I think you are just seeing sale pricing on certain phones. If you look at Fido and the Galaxy 5, you see the expected $150 and $300 steps down from list price at the Standard and Smart plan tabs. The Galaxy 4 is probably being cleared out - Futureshop is showing it at $0 with a Fido/Virgin contract, although availability seems to be iffy and the plans might be the Max/Platinum like Tab Large? Koodo has an extra $100 subsidy on Tab Medium for iPhones, at least - it doesn't show for the S4 but you might want to check - that would effectively be a price match. As for Moto G, Motorola and the carriers have cooked up various exclusives to hose Canadians. Telus/Koodo had the original G as an exclusive, Rogers/Fido seems to have an exclusive on the LTE.
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NorthernRaven, for your Galaxy 5 example, it's still cheaper on Fido than with Koodo. In fact, every phone that I compared prices on with both sites--Fido & Koodo--Fido comes out ahead in pricing. S5, Nexus 5, for example, all significantly cheaper tab-wise on Fido. Only thing that is similar in price are the iPhones, but that's because Apple controls the pricing. Was a time when coverage may have been deeper on the Telus network, but with the recent upgrades Rogers spent and even more on deploying the 700mhz network, Rogers has come out ahead there too. If you take a look at the large cell forum based in Canada, you'll see people complaining about the Telus network now even in the west where they're supposed to shine, and how they are switching over from Koodo to Fido because of the poor LTE capabilities, which has nothing to do with the phones they use (they've been several benchmark tests). The S4 @ Futureshop: both Fido and Koodo have it on $0, but with Koodo, it needs to be put on a $500 tab. Not so with Fido, and Fido's offer is $75 in additional.gift cards whereas its only a $50.gift card with Koodo. fido: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-ca/product/samsung-fido-samsung-galaxy-s4-smartphone-black-2-year-agreement-gs416blk/10248520.aspx koodo: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-ca/product/samsung-koodo-samsung-galaxy-s4-smartphone-black-on-a-500-koodo-tab-gs-4/10248823.aspx The only way to get the phone cheaper on Koodo, is with referrals, but with no current competitive advantage, its hard to convince friends and family to join Koodo as there is no incentive. I've looked at every phone that Koodo and Fido carry, and in EVERY case the price on a 2-year tab is always lower on Fido. As for the Motorola example, you are right. Koodo needs to step up to the plate and get its own exclusive phones too. Seems that none of the Koodo execs want to be competitive any longer. Koodo even stopped carrying the Blackberry line, and opted instead for the less popular Alcatels, with what advantage I have no idea. In late 2013, PC Mag did tests throughout on coverage and data speeds. Telus ranked 3rd, only ahead of the little guys. source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0%2c2817%2c2425457%2c00.asp So I ask, higher phone pricing, no loyalty program, slower data rates, and no significant upgrades to coverage, what's the Koodo advantage? Koodo, you asked for some new and innovative ideas; how about we cover the basics first?
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NorthernRaven, for your Galaxy 5 example, it's still cheaper on Fido than with Koodo. In fact, ev...For an S5, Fido's site has the $700 list down to $400 for Smart plans. 24 months at ($60+$5) = $1560 for a 24-month total of $1960. Koodo has the phone at $725-300=$425, plus $1560 for at total of $1985. Identical except Koodo seems to have bumped the phone prices up $25 (as with the iPhones). Are you seeing some something different on pricing? For the iPhone 6, there's an extra $100 off Koodo's tab right now, which actually makes them cheaper than Fido, where you have to go to Max plans anyway.
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Depending on the price the carrier sells the phone, yes the phone could end up being more expensive. However, your "case and point" and "ref" don't make any sense the way you presented them since Fido ACTUALLY sells the S4 for $200 on a smart plan and for $430 on a standard plan. Not $99. Therefore the actually savings is still the $50 diff in the actual tab amounts. I don't know how you did your math before. Still, Fido actually isn't cheaper. Galaxy S4 on Tab S - $250 on KOODO Galaxy S4 on Smart Plan (lowest 'tab) - $430 Galaxy S4 on Tab M - $100 Galaxy S4 on Smart Plan (tab M equivalent) - $200 hey lets even take the S5 example. S5 on Tab S - $575 S5 on Fido's Standard plan - $580. Fido's model of pricing doesn't actually make it cheaper than Koodo.