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if my phone is lost or stolen and i cancel my phone can i go to a koodo store and get another phone and the same account?

Im trying to find out if i can get another koodo phone and still add it onto my plan because my phone was lost or stolen. i cant realy afford to get a new phone and start a new tab and my phone is kind of my life line, i need it for work and to keep in touch with my family. i realy need help with this and i hope this will all work out for me.

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Well, we don't have account access here so you would need to find out what your tab is at before any decisions are made about a new phone. BTW...nice belt
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Any upgrades requires you to pay off your current tab. At which point, you can choose from the small or medium tab.
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If you haven't done so yet, you should suspend your service so that whoever has your phone cannot rack up a huge bill for you. You can do this via Self Serve:

help me and shut or suspend my account
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devon davis wrote:

help me and shut or suspend my account

You need to log into your selfserve account andsudpend it. Or call Koodo at(1-866-995-6636) or 647-788-4337 And ask a rep to suspend your account.