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I want to pay back the balance of Koodo Tab to switch to a prepaid plan, how can I do this?

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Just port your number to koodo prepaid. The tab will be charged out on your final monthly bill.
How do you "port" the number to koodo prepaid?
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Go and get a prepaid sim card then when you are activating the prepaid account, ask them to port in your postpaid number.
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Nicolas Pineault wrote:


You can also do it online via Self-Serve. It's the same process, porting out your postpaid number to prepaid. It's easy and you're done within minutes! You need to get your prepaid SIM from a store beforehand though. It costs $20, but comes with $20 credit on your prepaid account, so in a sense, the SIM is free! Enjoy your prepaid service!
sounds like a good solution thanks