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I've just cancelled my plan (hopefully), when will it be in effect? because my phone is still working?

So I've just had a very difficult time dealing with a koodo representative on the phone. He wasn't clear and wouldn't listen to what I had to say, and work his way around answering my questions. He kept telling me that my koodo tab would be on the bill next month. I payed off the bill on July 25 and asked if i'd be billed for the monthly plan in august. He never really answered that question which I asked SEVERAL times. I'm slightly ticked off with his attitude when I was all but nice and pleasant at the beginning. By the end I just wanted to cry with frustration. I also had some trouble understanding him which didn't help at all... I just wanted to know what the time would be for my phone to stop working? I don't want to be charged for anything more and after that difficult conversation I'm totally clueless as to what is going to happen.... help???

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Cancelations are set for the end of the billing cycle. So whenever the last day of your billing cycle is, is when your service will stop. Your final bill will come out 5 days after that.
so i will be billed once more?? Damn that employee, sorry, but he never verified i'd be billed one more time. Especially since i just paid my bill a couple days ago. I might call again one more time, talk to someone who will be a little more clear as to what is happening.
You always get a final bill. This is standard among all service providers.
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Marcus was pretty clear I thought. Your service will run to your next billing cycle (which you've already paid for). After that you will get a bill for the remainder of the tab and any overages from July - Aug month. Koodo, like every other postpaid carrier, bills your service one month in advance so when the July bill was paid it was for August service. If you're planning to port your number, do.it before your the next bill date.