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I have to pay off my tab and accept the new terms to update my plan...

But what I don't understand is if I pay off my tab, what happens to the money that used to go towards my tab? Is it just now a charge of 0$ if I pay off my tab? 
I'm considering just getting a less-appealing plan because I don't understand the benefit of changing to a newer plan/tab, despite the attractive rates.

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The benefit is the better rate....
You used to overpay for your plan because it helped to pay off the phone.
If you pay off your tab and the phone then you can have a better plan.
That's pretty much it.
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Hello Ali, 

If you pay off your Tab you will no longer have a Tab charge on your bill. The Tab charge is there only if you have an existing Tab Balance. 

The benefit of paying your off Tab is as follows: you'll have access to current plans (http://koo.do/1DOo8cA) and to upgrade your phone on the Tab (http://koo.do/228amho) if that's something you want to do.

Hope this helps :)