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I got a free phone through Telus, but I want to use up my Koodo Tab before I leave

I have $94 on my tab, there are a few phones I think I could get for free, but do not want to activate the phone, only give it away as a x-mas.gift to someone. Would this phone be unlocked? Since there would be no SIM card, and I would buy it off completely...

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The only phones that would be sold unlokced are the Nexus phones. All other phones are locked to Koodo.
thanks, so I can pick up a free Nexus phone without having any obligation of using it with Koodo.
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Most likely it won't be free. You could use 94$ of your tab to pay the phone + pay the difference out of your pocket! And yes, you can do this. You're not obligated to use Koodo with the phone you're buying.