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I don't have a credit card, what can I use for a credit check?

Hey, I have an account with Koodo, and I noticed the new Iphone 5c's are coming out. I want one sooo badly. I noticed that I would be able to upgrade my Tab, which I want to do to the Tab Large, and use one of the plans on there. But, I have to have a credit check in order to do so. Now, I don't have a credit card (I just turned 19 in June), and I do not feel comfortable having one juuust yet. But, I do have the following: - Birth certificate - BC ID card - SIN Card - my debit card (which is a debit Visa from CIBC) Can I use any of the above for a credit check??

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A credit check does not imply that you need a credit card (although it would help). A credit check is a measure of how reliable you are as a person when paying bills. It has no relation to owning a credit card, although paying your credit card on time can be good for your credit profile. How long have you been with Koodo (at least a year)? Is the Koodo account under your name? And has the monthly bills been paid on-time since the beginning? Do you have other bills under your name that you've been paying regularly? If you do, then they will be used as part of the credit check (and your credit score). You need a name and birthday and current address to do a credit check.
What quassarito said. It all means that your able to pay for the plan
I was pretty much on time, I mean I was working in fast food joints and we all know how stable they can get. But I have been with Koodo for 6 years, and have just recently moved to Alberta so only lately has it been hard to pay the bill because my new job only pays me once a month on the 6th. I'm hoping they let me upgrade though, lol, my phone is shattered on the back. xD
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By what you're saying, you've been with Koodo since age 14. By law, your guardians would have been responsible for all costs. It's unlikely there will be any record of transactions made by you to Koodo. If Alberta is now your permanent residence, you may want to look at getting an Alberta Identification Card. A Visa debit card won't help because it is not a credit card. The SIN card, birth certificate and Alberta ID card should be sufficient to prove your identity along with a permanent address.
Hey Darian: A little extra clarification on credit checks that koodo (as well as many other businesses) do before offering services. Essentially your "score" on a credit check is a reflection of your ability to pay your bills in a timely manner whether that be for a loan, and credit card, a car payment etc. This is something that needs to be built up as people new to credit don't have the same "reputation" someone older might have. A cell phone is the perfect avenue to start building a credit, as you're paying a relatively small bill each and every month (obviously dependant on your plan and usage). Your SIN, DL and if you have another piece of ID would be sufficient to get this check done. While you may not qualify for a large tab, it is still a good idea to apply at a kiosk or mobile shop and see where you're at as far as what koodo is willing to offer you. Good luck! Joey