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how to replace broken cell with koodo tab

im a koodo customer of many years. I've paid off my tab a few years ago and now have a bit of a tab credit. my iphone went kaput today and I now need a new phone. I went to cash in my little credit and get a new phone, but every one has this "tab charge" on them now. So for me to go to the samsung galaxy s4 i will have to pay $12 per month for two years. Is there any way that I can upgrade without adding an additional charge to my bill? like i did when I first started my koodo account?

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Tab contributions are no longer part of the plans.  If you do not want to have a tab charge, you will have to, not get a tab.
Also once you finish using your positive tab, you will no longer gain positive tab either.
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How much positive tab balance do you have?