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How the the 2 year tab guarentee work?

Ive been with koodo for around 2-3 years, but for sure more than 2 years. The problem is that my tab still says it is -101$ but I thought the after 2 years your tab is 0 because of the 2 year tab guarentee. So how do i use the tab guarentee?

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The Tab guarantee only applies to phones purchased after July 2013, Mandy 🙂 Once you upgrade your phone, it will be paid off in two years!
That does not take affect until Dec2. Only those that have redeemed the tab after July 14 get switched over to the 2 year guarantee.
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Hi there... The Tab recently changed, and the 24 months TAB is effective for clients since July 14th... Meaning that all those clients that activated with Koodo or upgraded the phone with Koodo, will be under the new TAB system, meaning that the TAB will be completely paid after 24 months of service... For all those clients under the Old TAB system, their TABs will be reduced by 10% of the monthly services fee till it reaches 0%... But this does not mean that you do not have options, you can always get in contact with Customer Service if you ever have any issues with your phone to see what the options are or take one of the new TABs and upgrade your phone... Feel free to post your questions...!