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How long do we have to wait before getting an upgrade

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You can upgrade your phone at anytime, either by paying for it outright or partly (if you have any available tab credits). You don't have to wait until your tab is cleared. If you've only paid off $50 from your tab, then you can deduct $50 from the price of the phone you want. Alternatively, you can also upgrade to a Tab M or L, but those have additional requirements and monthly fees.
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Koodo's Tab system allows you to upgrade at any time. What will vary is the amount of the subsidy for the phone you wish to upgrade to. For example, with the Tab S, the maximum subsidy is $150. If in one year, your Tab amount has been paid down to $75, then you can upgrade to a new phone and receive a $75 subsidy on the new phone. This will bring your Tab back to its maximum amount of $150.