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How does the + 15/month tab work?

I am looking at getting a new phone and it says $0 on the tab with a $15 a month tab charge. Does this mean my bill will go up by $15 a month? Currently I have a positive balance on my tab.

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Hi SheilaG, With the new tab system, you can put up to 360$ on a tab. Whichever amount you put on the tab will be divided by 24 (months) and that will be the amount added to your bill every month, the amount added will be used to pay off the tab. For your 0$ phone with +15$ it means the phone will be 0$ down, and a 360$ tab for 24 months so they will add 15$ to your monthly plan.
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It's like financing now. You get a free loan from koodo that you pay back slowly. One good thing is that when you did pay it back the charge disappears. Your monthly total does get smaller. With the other companies, from what I can tell, you will continue to pay a higher bill even after you own the phone.