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How can i pay off my tab?? Help

I still have some money on my tab and i want to just pay it off do i have to go into a store? I have my billin just through this website and its an ebill so can i just pay all the tab through my monthly payments?

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Hi there... The TAB can't be paid off in one shot, it is paid month after month by Koodo as long as you remain a Client... The only way you will see your TAB on your bill to be paid off, is when you cancel the line... But why you want to pay it off??? Koodo is the one paying for your TAB anyways, remember that you can always use whatever space you have on your TAB to upgrade to any other phone... Let us know why...
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FYI, once your Tab gets out of the negative, you can call Koodo and get them to switch to 10% off your bill or you can continue to build positive tab room until +$150
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You don't have to. As long as you pay your monthly bill, Koodo will put money to you tab. There is no reason for you to pay it off unless you are cancelling. You can earn more tab points if you refer people to Koodo. Link: www.koodoreferral.com