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Having Trouble understanding how upgrading to a new phone works.

I currently have Galaxy Ace which has about -$100 on it's Tab. I would like to upgrade to a Nexus 4 on Tab Medium. How does this work? Do I pay off the remaining 100 dollars and get a new phone, or does the $100 count towards the new phones tab?

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You don't pay off your tab. A nexus 4 will cost you $100 if you upgrade to a Tab M. For the next 24 months, you would add $5/month to your bill (and your plan must be at least $30/month).
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A Tab Medium allows for a maximum balance of $300 towards a subsidy on a phone. Since you already have -$100 on your Tab, upgrading to a Tab Medium would allow you to get a $200 subsidy on the phone of your choice. Since a Nexus4 is $300, you would need to pay $100 upfront for it as you only qualify for a $200 subsidy.
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And your tab will be set to negative - $300